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Open Milestone XProtect s Smart Client and add camera(PC-CCTV) to View.
Select Devices/Cameras and setup the stream.
The PC-CCTV program should be detected.
In mailstone software, set the IP-address and port.
Define IP address and port for access to PC-CCTV through ONVIF. Right click PC-CCTV tray icon, open "Settings" menu, select "Access URLs" tab.
Choose one of the IP-addresses to access the PC-CCTV. If the port in the URL is not specified, it means that port has value 80.

You can set the port for ONVIF in the "Settings/Network" tab.
Select ONVIF driver
Enter the user and password, the same values as in the PC-CCTV program (PC-CCTV Menu Settings/Users).
Connecting to various surveillance systems / Milestone XProtect
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1. How to add PC-CCTV to Milestone XProtect

Open XProtect Management Client. Select server and add new hardware. Choose the manual method.

БИНГО! Завёл! Залил прошивку посвежее, но не уверен, что именно это помогло, потому как даже на ней MJPEG не принимался, только H.264. Возможно предыдущая прошивка после обновления PC-CCTV тоже заработала бы...
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