Author Topic: PC-CCTV-PRO Run as a Service  (Read 6733 times)

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PC-CCTV-PRO Run as a Service
« on: December 15, 2017, 03:44:52 »
Can you compile PC-CCTV-PRO as a Windows Service?

We would like to use this software to record Surveillance Workstations.  To remain compliant, we need to ensure the workstations are recording 100% of the time 24/7... It should run no matter what user is logged in... and should attempt to restart itself when failing...  It should also be invisible to the end-user...

For this scenario, significant downtime to the software could result in closing the facility until the problem is resolved.

Currently when locking the Windows PC or Logging off, PC-CCTV Pro goes off-line, and generates errors in Avigilon... We would not like to see these errors...  If this ran as a service and never went off-line, then these errors would not occur...  Can you record the login or Lock screen?  If not, you could always add a message to the screen until a user logs back into windows

For all these reasons, running as a Service is important.

We have lots of sites we would like to deploy this to and are considering alternate software as well...

Can this be changed to run as a service?